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Dundee Community High

This is the original high school for the area. The first building opened as Dundee High School. The first location was in Dundee on 6th Street.  It started in 1873.  There was a fire which shut the school around 1877-78.  It reopened the following year.  The school was there until 1923 (see Dundee Elementary for more information related to this building).

The second location for the high school was on Illinois Route 31.  It was known as Dundee Senior High. It was located there from 1923 – 1954. (see Dundee Middle for more)

The third location for the high school was on Cleveland Avenue, Carpentersville.  The name changed to Dundee Community High.  It stayed as a high school until 1983 (See Carpentersville Middle for more).

The fourth location and name change occurred in 1983.  The name became Dundee-Crown (see Dundee-Crown High for more).

The mascot was the Cardunal; same as Dundee Middle is (see Dundee Middle to learn why the ‘u’ was used instead of an ‘I’).  It is a combination of the main towns the school served in the beginning.  The school colors were the same as Dundee Middle too (black and red).  The marching band were the Scots (Dundee was named after a man from Scotland).  Their uniforms resembled a Scot man’s native clothing.


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1945 Baccalaureate Program PDF

1945 Commencement Program PDF

1955 Alcardee Herald Vol 25 No 14 PDF

1963 Alcardee Herald Vol 31 No 5 PDF

1964 Senior Class Talent Show Program PDF

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Dundee Community High School Class of 1945

1964 Senior Class Talent Show Program


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