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Did you learn to swim at Thresher Pool?

Many a person can remember when summer was around the corner. This meant it was time to buy a Dundee Township Park District (DTPD) pool pass. Pool passes going on sale was a sure sign that summer was upon us. This got a child and/or parent into any DTPD pool. This included Thresher and Haeger pools. A person could pay as they went. This worked better for visitors.

Who doesn’t remember how they got there. There were many modes of transport and many paths that could be taken. A person could get a ride, drive, walk, or bike to a local pool. Some went with family; others went with friends or met them there.

A new recreation center was built in 1982. A water park was added in 1993 next to the rec center. The pool was built in 1989 and was enclosed all year round in 1992. Also, land was acquired so that Randall Oaks could be expanded. This, plus high upkeep, are a couple of reasons why Thresher and Haegar pools became obsolete and were eventually closed.

Thresher Memorial Pool

This pool was named to honor the submarine U.S.S. Thresher (it sank April, 1963). This pool was built and opened on July 2, 1963. Leonard W. Besinger donated the land where the pool sat. A bond issue (approved by voters) was used to build the pool. The pool was one of the buildings run by the Dundee Township Park District.

The pool was located behind Meadowdale Shopping Center. This made the anchor store, Wieboldt’s, a great short cut from nearby homes. This pool was very popular. Some children called it an all-day ‘day care center’. A lot of people, including one of this website’s assistant developers, took swim lessons there.

There were two pools. One was a shallow pool. The other was a deep pool with 3 diving boards. There were life guards located at both pools.

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