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The original name was Schock’s Restaurant.  It was located East Dundee next to Schock’s Towing and Gas Station.  Both of which was were owned by Mr. Shock.  Hillcrest was the second name after the restaurant was sold.  Most recently, it was known as The Manor Restaurant.

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The Hillcrest Restaurant

The place was at the corner of Illinois Routes 68 (formerly 63) and 72, East Dundee. The address was on Higgins Rd. (Rt. 72).

The Hilltop owners bought the restaurant from Mr. Schock. In 1978, it was sold to the Koulis brothers. They renamed the restaurant the Manor Restaurant

When the building housed Hillcrest, they specialized in breakfast items. The waffles and pancakes were the specials of the house. Hillcrest also served lunch and dinner. Those meals were highlighted by chicken, steaks, chops, chicken, seafood, and a Friday fish fry. If you left room for dessert, you would most likely opt for something from their soda fountain.

As a side note:
The Koulis family members at one time owned 9 area restaurants. In 2019, George, Stella Koulis and daughter Angie sold to John and Sula Vitogiannis. After 40 years, the Manor closed was quietly by the current ownership.

Please check out all of the great Hillcrest Restaurant images and files from the past.

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Images and Articles from the Hillcrest Restaurant


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