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Irving Crown High

The school was named after Mr. Irving Crown.  A lot of the members of the Carpentersville Memories Facebook page went to high school here.

The building was built in 1964.  This high school was added to the area in response to an increase in population; Dundee couldn’t handle the number of students (student population got too big). The first year it had only sophomores and juniors (it was a senior high at that time).  They wanted to let seniors graduate where the spent the majority of their high school ‘career’.

The mascot was a Viking. Female sport teams where the Lady Vikings.  Viking was usually shortened to Vikes.  School colors were royal blue and white.  The marching band was known as the Imperials.


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1967 Irving Crown Saga – Bill Pohnan Pt.1

1967 Irving Crown Saga – Bill Pohnan Pt.2

1967 Irving Crown High Commencement

1970 Crown High Calendar Girls

1970 Midsummer Nights Dream Program

1970 Crown High Oklahoma Program

1970 Crown High Commencement Program

1971 Crown High Commencement Program

1971 Crown High Class Wills

1972 Crown High Commencement Program

1973 Crown High Commencement Program

1973 Crown High Fine Arts Festival Program

1973-74 Crown High Student Guide

1974 Crown High Commencement Program

1974 Crown High Salute to Hollywood

1975 Crown High Commencement Program

1978-79 Crown Basketball Magazine

1982-83 Crown High Souvenir Basketball Program

Irving Crown Biography

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Images from Irving Crown High School

1967 Commencement Program

1970 Commencement Program and Images

1970 Calendar Girls

1970 Homecoming Parade

Robert King Archive Added 2023

1971 Comencement Program

1972 Commencement Program

1972-73 Hike for Hunger

1972-74 Linda Schultz Archives

1973 Commencement Program

1973 Fine Arts Festival Program

1973-74 Student Guide

1974 Commencement Program

1974 Salute to Hollywood Program

1974 Crown High Faculty

1975 Commencement Program

1978-79 Crown Basketball Magazine

1981 Crown Boys and Girls Basketball

1980-81 Jean Folster Archives

1982-83 Souvenir Basketball Program

Crown High Sports Through The Years

Crown High Homecoming Through The Years

Added August 2021


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