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Mr. Lion King of Treats

In 1967, Eleanor and Ralph Carpenter had a candy shop. They called it Mr. Lion King of Treats; Mr. Lion for short. It was where local children went for penny candy. They found great deals on the candy. At one time, a quarter (with a penny for tax) could get you a bag full of candy. Treats were bought through different avenues. Parents would buy candy as a treat or a reward. Others bought from found money, their allowances, and/or returned pop bottles (returned at the convenience store nearby).

Just after midnight on January 27th, 1971 a burglar dropped a cigarette that caused Wintergarden Pharmacy to go up in flames. It spread to Mr. Lion. The Carpenters rebuilt, but soon after, Mrs. Carpenter sold to Betty and Elmer Schmalz. They kept the shop going until at least 1976.

Besides candy, there was ice cream, popcorn and at various times hot sandwiches and donuts. Customers had their favorites. Candy favorites included pixie sticks, bull’s eyes, candy lipstick, bit o’ honey, wax with liquid inside, Mary Jane, red chewy coins, flying saucers, jujubes, slow pokes, sixlets, ice cubes, jolly ranchers, bub’s daddy, assorted candy bags, and practically any other candy that was for sale. Bubblegum ice cream was a favorite, along with pizza flavored popcorn (not at the same time, silly).

Local kids used to work there. They loved the place. They loved the owners. They loved the work. 


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1971 January 29 Fire

1976 Mr. Lion Ad (1)

1976 Mr. Lion Ad (2)

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