The Iron Skillet


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How often did you go to the Iron Skillet?

This award winning restaurant was in Algonquin.  It was the first major restaurant encountered after leaving Carpentersville via Illinois Route 31.  My assistant remembers eating there with her family.

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The Iron Skillet

The Iron Skillet was located just outside of Carpentersville, after entering Algonquin via Illinois Route 31.  Their specialty was country style food. They also had a popular cocktail bar.  They had fine dining that catered to budget conscience people.  They were also famous for the fish fry on Fridays.

Please check out all of the great Iron Skillet images and files from the past.

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1967 Iron Skillet Newspaper Ad

1971 Iron Skillet Newspaper Article

1976 Iron Skillet Newspaper Ad

Images and Articles from the Iron Skillet


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