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Welcome to the Carpentersville Memories WGN TV Page. Our goal is to bring back some fun memories of growing up in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. 


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Do you remember Bozo and Garfield Goose?

WGN TV started as an independent station and became a superstation (like WTBS). The station’s home is channel 9. 1948 was the year it started airing.

The Cubs and White Sox aired on the station. Of the shows that aired over the years, one is near and dear to our hearts. That is the Bozo Show. This was the most popular and most successful version of the show. Who can forget Mr. Ned, the ringmaster? Not to mention the clowns. They included, Bozo (of course), Oliver O. Oliver, Cooky the Cook (Clown), Sandy, and Wizzo the Wizard.

Some other shows that were well known are The Ray Rayner Show (Ray was formerly Oliver) and Garfield Goose and friends, with Frazier Thomas as the host. Frazier was also host of Family Classics. Bill Jackson had a one year stint with BJ and Dirty Dragon in the late 70’s after leaving WCFL.

Various Images from WGN TV

Bozo’s Circus

Frazier Thomas

Ray Rayner

Cuddly Dudley Christmas


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